Nick Jonas Gets Sexy In Exclusive ‘Mindful Everything You Want’ Clip — VIDEO

Any time you felt that Nick Jonas’ video for “Under You” was hot, merely wait until you will find this unique video from
Jonas’ new film

Mindful Everything Wish For

it might simply make summertime much more scorching. Eliminated are Jonas’ days of getting a Disney kid — the 23-year-old star and performer is unquestionably a grownup, along with his new film absolutely reflects his older image.

Careful Everything You Wish For

could possibly be Jonas’ edgiest flick however, if this awesome steamy find out scene is any indicator of what’s to come.

Cautious Everything You Desire

stars Jonas as Doug, a young man going to school whom turns out to be entangled with Lena (Isabel Lucas), the spouse of a for a wealthy banker. The pair attempt to hide their particular event, but things go south when someone in their summer time vacation neighborhood arises dead under strange situations. The scandal rocks the city, and causes Doug to confront his very own deceit and betrayal. Of course, before most of


falls, there’s a lot of producing aside with Lena become completed. In this unique clip, Doug kisses Lena the very first time, simply to know that his mistake may not have already been one-sided after all as their intimate stress gives option to a real hookup.

Read the exclusive video below:

Careful What You Desire

hits DVD on August 2.